on men and the post-modern Annie Hall

Stop the analysis!  Every word, every deed, every glance, every gesture, every thing that makes you laugh, everything that makes me mad, collected, dissected, reconstituted, filtered, spectrographically analyzed, quantified, qualified, interpreted, deconstructed, passed around the clucking chorus of best friends, shattered to constituent molecules and zapped by the mad-scientist laser beams and gamma rays from your constantly ticking over analytical, overly literal mind –  vaporized in the blinding light of your dazzling, shrivelling, unerring perception – consumed, subsumed to a feathery plume, like an airborne toxic event – It’s like Annie-fucking-Hall in reverse!! You are intellectually invested beyond any gesture’s capacity to provide a return.

Here are some facts to consider:

  • Somedays a phone call is just a phone call. Sometimes no phone is just no phone call. Sometimes “you look pretty” is just that. Sometimes I won’t say  that and that just means I didn’t say it.
  • Sometimes a kiss on the lips is a kiss on the lips, some days it’s a whole other thing. Sometimes one kiss is the first of a million, sometimes it’s the whole dinner and show.
  • Sometimes a glance at a waitress’  legs is just because she has nice legs, some days it is because I wish you were her.
  • Somedays goodbye is just how you end the day. Sometimes it’s a whole different kind of end.DSC_0006w

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